Meanwhile, Inside the Member Site…

Thought you might enjoy a snippet of what’s waiting for you inside the Holiday Learning for Kids Member site.  You’ll find there are tons more ideas about how to use the crazy holidays, plus info about monthly and weekly celebrations.  You’ll also get an advanced heads up on holidays and events that might need a bit of planning to celebrate.  Take a look at an excerpt of the post that will go up on January 12:

The 16th also marks the beginning of Hunt for Happiness Week.  It’s a great time for discussions about the true meaning of happiness and where it comes from, for memorizing quotes about happiness, and for listing things that make you happy.  It’s sponsored by the Secret Society of Happy People, which I’m sure can always use new members, official and otherwise.


That’s a bit from a longer post about the week-long celebrations that start January 16, and it will be available to members on the 12th.  That gives you time to plot and plan how to use the crazy holidays instead of just jumping right in there on that day.  Get the details about a free trial membership at Holiday Learning for Kids Membership Info.

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