Get Set for Charles Dickens Day

February 7 is Charles Dickens Day.  Now before you get all skeptical and fussy about age groups, remember that Dickens is responsible for many of your child’s favorite stories.  Even young children usually know the stories of Scrooge and Oliver Twist, thanks to the magic of animated movies.

This year, try comparing videos of the same names to see what their similarities and differences are.  Older children and teens can watch even versions from long ago and more recently.  Are there clues about when the films were made?  Another activity for preteens and teens is to watch other movies and look for story lines that borrow liberally from these classic tales.  Much like Shakespeare, Dickens is a favorite of modern day authors.

For your younger children, find paraphrased versions of some of the Dickens stories (look in your local library) and share them.  The stories are a huge part of our culture, and it’s important that children become familiar with the plots and characters as early as possible.

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