August is Peach Month!

What a great time to enjoy that fuzzy fruit.  While you’re eating your peaches, try reading James and the Giant Peach out loud to the group.  This Roald Dahl book is perfect for sharing during this lazy month before school really gets going again.  In case you’re not familiar, this novel takes place INSIDE a giant peach and introduces readers to a host of lovable characters.

Since this story has been made into a movie, this is a wonderful opportunity to exercise those critical thinking skills.  Share the book, then watch (or re-watch) the movie.  What is the same between the two forms?  What is different?  Which one do your children prefer?  Why?  Have the kids make a poster advertising their favorite form of the story.

It’s a good time to try some peach cooking, too.  One of my absolute favorite recipes is for Peach Lime Conserve.  This old fashioned treat tastes like bottled sunshine, mixing peaches, lime, golden raisins and almonds.  Here’s a recipe: Peach Lime Conserve.  It surely is a change of pace from typical berry jam!

If you’re feeling scientific, do a bit of research to find out why peaches are fuzzy.  What fruits are related to them?  Are they also fuzzy?  Discover where peaches grow the best and what you call a fruit with that big seed in the center.  What happens if you plant a peach seed?  Try it and find out! Have you ever tried white-fleshed peaches?  How are they similar and different than their orange-y colored cousins?

The nice thing about Peach Activities is that you can enjoy them absolutely any time (even in other months)!  Spend some time this month savoring peaches and enjoy the time spent learning together.

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