May 2 is World Laughter Day

Hahahahaha, hee hee hee hee, hohohoho, giggle snort, guffaw.  However you say it, laughter brightens our lives and the lives of those around us.  They also tell us it’s healthy to laugh, so how about a fistful of jokes and riddles to enjoy on World Laughter Day?

Underneath the levity, there are very sound educational reasons to encourage your students and children to enjoy jokes.  First of all, understanding jokes relies on understanding language and culture.  That’s why young children are so into slapstick but can’t understand many plays on words.  They just don’t understand language well enough to ‘get’ the joke that relies on shades of meaning or on words that are not yet in their vocabularies.  Experience is the only cure, so get on with the jokes already!

Jokes and riddles also build social competence.  Kids learn about timing, conversation, getting others’ attention in a positive way and a host of other skills by telling jokes repeatedly.  Humor is a great tool for pulling shy kids out of their shells and teaching everyone about appropriate time and place for joking around.

Jokes and riddles are also great fodder for young or reluctant readers.  They are short, bite-sized bits of motivating practice that nearly everyone can enjoy.  Grab a children’s joke and riddle book, and you’ll find an outstanding tool to use in getting your child reading or reading more.

Now, where are the jokes?  Check out these sites for some doozies!

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