Holiday Learning Resources

Holiday learning is a whole lot more fun when you have ideas at your fingertips to make each day a celebration! Check out these great resources that will make your teaching and parenting lively and fun:

Operation Santa Paws Unit Study

December is Operation Santa Paws Month!  Now you can tie right into the theme with your class or children with this Unit Study that includes over 80 activities for Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and more.  Motivate your students with pet-related learning and help a good cause while you’re at it.  It’s only $6.97, and $2.00 of every purchase will be donated to the Humane Society of the United States.

Holiday Learning for Kids Member Site

The blog is fun, but there’s more, more, more in the Members’ Site! Members can access alphabetized lists of holidays, advance notice of crazy holiday gems with activity ideas, monthly and weekly commemorations that can make great unit studies, and lots more. Best of all, you can get in for free during the month of December 2010! Try the Holiday Learning for Kids Member Site absolutely free between now and December 31. On January 1, 2011, the price will be $6.97 per month. Sign up today so you can take advantage of the free trial!!

Crazy Holidays Day By Day

A whole bookful of fun! Crazy Holidays Day by Day offers you over 100 pages of holiday fun and learning. This ebook lays out the entire year of goofy days to celebrate, commemorations you won’t want to forget, and ideas to keep things moving at home or school. You can tap into the motivational power of crazy holidays any time you want for only $14.97. Get yours today!

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