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Crazy Holidays Day by Day

You’ve seen the outstanding fun that Crazy Holidays can bring to your children, classroom, homeschool or program, right?

What’s standing in your way?  Be the teacher or parent with a reputation for creativity and fun!  You could be using holiday ideas right now to brighten up your curriculum, motivate students, and add zest to your days!

  • Are you looking for a complete and comprehensive list of holidays to choose from?
  • Would it be great to have access to this information in advance so you could plan your activities?
  • Are you the kind of parent or teacher who can take a ball and run with it?

If you answered these questions with a “YES!”, then you’ll want to check out the Crazy Holidays Day by Day ebook.

Kindle users, you’ll want to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for a special deal!

Check out these samples!

January 4th is Trivia Day.  It’s a great day to grab some of those games off the shelf and see who has amassed the most useless collection of knowledge.

January 5th celebrate Bird Day.  It’s also Cuddle Up Day.  What a great way to share some stories!

January 6th is Bean Day and International Respect for Living Day.  Take some time to savor your world today, and pass it on!

July 12th is National Pecan Pie Day, and it’s also Bowdler’s Day.  Award a prize today to the person who can find out exactly what that means!

July 13th you can celebrate Gruntled Workers Day.  We all know what ‘disgruntled workers’ are, so ‘gruntled workers’ must be the opposite, right?  No complaining about the chores on this day!

July 14th will be a favorite of children and a bane to parents everywhere.  It’s Pandemonium Day!  Let everyone go a little bit crazy and get it out of their systems.

July 24th find out more about Amelia Earhart since it’s Amelia Earhart day.  What is she famous for?  What’s her story?  It’s also Cousins Day, so spend some time with these family members if you can.  July 24th is a funny, funny day, too, because it’s Tell an Old Joke Day.  Head to the library or bookstore to get age-appropriate joke books.  Jokes are especially great for young or struggling readers because they are short and often easy to read, plus they are highly entertaining.  Have a joke contest tonight after supper!

Keep the fun rolling all through the year with Crazy Holidays Day By Day!  It’s over 100 pages, packed with ideas for each and every day on the your calendar.  Best of all, it’s just $14.97.

Order yours today!

And now, for Kindle users, there’s an edition available just for you!   It’s only $5.97 and you can get more information at Holiday Learning on Kindle.

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