Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

November 24 is Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day. Get everyone into the act by planning and hosting a talent show for your family, neighborhood or classroom. Everyone has a talent to share, sometimes it just needs to be discovered. Talents might be well-known, such as singing, playing an instrument or dancing. They might be visual, like creating a painting or a sculpture. Sometimes talents are physical: what can you do that few others can do? I can touch my tongue to my nose! Can you? Help your child discover a unique and special talent in honor of this holiday.

And if you can’t find a talent, you can create one! Many skills can be considered talents once they reach the right level. Consider helping your child learn to tell jokes or do magic tricks. How about learning to knit or to make greeting cards? Whatever you choose to do, be sure to maximize the educational potential by having your child research, read directions and so forth. Reach out to others and build a heart for service by encouraging your talented child to find a way to share the gift with others.

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