Cook Something Bold Day

What a great and exciting day this could be!  November 8 is Cook Something Bold Day.  Bold can mean many things to different people, so pick an option that’s likely to go over well with your family.  Try a spicy new dish, like Cajun Chicken Pasta or something from a different country, like India.  Experiment with a flavorful spice or add some hot peppers to a family favorite.  Whatever you choose to do, include the kids in the kitchen activities.  Cooking with children builds countless academic and life skills, like measurement, reading comprehension, direction-following, and much more.  Plus it has the added benefit of being a fun bonding experience that will help you and your child grow even closer.

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Welcome to Holiday Learning!

Parents and teachers know that the holidays get kids all excited.  Who hasn’t seen an energetic child right before Halloween or in anticipation of Christmas?  Now, instead of trying to defuse holiday energy, you can put it to work for you.  Holidays are motivating and inspiring.  When you have ideas at your fingertips, every day can be a holiday!

Here at Holiday Learning for Kids, you’ll find all sorts of resources to help you entertain and teach children.   There’s a holiday for every single day of the year and many days have several choices.  Find out what’s coming up, plan just a little bit, and then sit back to watch the fun.

Holiday Learning for Kids offers an educational twist on crazy holidays.  Check us out for links and ideas for do-it-yourself learning fun.  Sign up for the Holiday List to get even more free ideas.

Or, if you’d like a steady stream of ready-to-use ideas to enjoy or to adapt, you can become a member for only $6.97 per month.  Members receive a monthly run-down of theme ideas based on monthly commemorations, lists of week-long celebrations, and a few messages per week with ideas you can put right to work to liven up lessons, combat boredom over school breaks, and make the children in your life smile.  The site will be opening on January 1, 2011.  Meanwhile, add your name to the Holiday List so you can get updates and information (and maybe even a discount!!).  >>CLICK HERE<< to sign up today!

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