Wow, that’s a mouthful!  But it’s the honest truth.  National Bicarbonate of Soda Day is December 30th.  Now what can we do to celebrate?  Science, that’s what!  Sodium bicarbonate, when combined with vinegar, can cause all kinds of commotion.  Mix the two together and you create lots and lots of bubbles.  You can use the mixture to power small rockets, blow up balloons and much more.

Try this: Mix some baking soda into vinegar and put in a few raisins or bits of spaghetti.  Bubbles will form on the food and eventually it will rise upwards in the vinegar.  As it surfaces, air pressure will pop the bubbles and things will sink again until more bubbles form.  Make the effect truly stunning by adding some food coloring to the vinegar.  Some people have even used these as party centerpieces.  See if your group can figure out how it works, or just enjoy watching the dance.


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